Buckingham Parish Church

Electoral Roll

Application For Enrolment On The Church Electoral Roll


  1. The only churches at present in communion with the Church of England are other Anglican Churches and certain foreign Churches.
  2. Membership of the Electoral Roll is also open to members in good standing of a Church not in communion with the Church of England which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity where those members are also prepared to declare themselves to be members of the Church of England.
  3. Every six years a new roll is prepared and those on the previous roll are informed so that they can re-apply. If you are not resident in the parish but were on the roll as an habitual worshipper and have been prevented by sickness or absence or other essential reason from worshipping for the past six months, you may write “would” before “have habitually attended” on the form and add “but was prevented from doing so because” and then state the reason.
  4. If you have any problems over this form, please approach the clergy or lay people responsible for the parish, who will be pleased to help you.
  5. In this form, “parish” means ecclesiastical parish.

The Church Electoral Roll of St Peter & St Paul is made up of those who regularly (i.e. at least once per month) attend church services or who regularly contribute and are committed to the life of the local church.

The Roll is the list of people which the wider Church uses to gauge the size of our congregation in order to allocate resources and to calculate how much we should contribute towards the cost of the ministers that the Diocese pays for us to have.

The benefit of being enrolled is that one is entitled to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting so can raise any question of parochial or general church interest.

What difference does this make?  By enrolling you become a voting member of the Church of England and so help to ensure that all the synodical councils of the Church – the parochial church council, the deanery synod, the diocesan synod and the General Synod – are fully representative of its members.  This system is intended to enable church people at every level to be in touch with the Church as a whole and to play their part in decision making.

Required for those who will turn 16 during the next 12 months and will be eligible to be enrolled on the roll on their sixteenth birthday.

I declare that the above answers are true and I apply for inclusion on the church electoral roll of the parish.